Super Tuesday and Political Change

Super Tuesday is upon us. Republican presidential candidates will vie for delegates in 12 states while the Democrats will be looking for support in 11 states. The talk of the town is Donald Trump’s potential to sweep the day and essentially clinch the GOP nomination.

A mere year ago a Trump nomination would have seemed unlikely, yet here we are. The frontrunner has loudly, and angrily, gotten support. Trump’s views are far from anything political and his policies have yet to be fully explained. Yet this year’s election cycle shows that the American system is changing. The system needs to be fixed.

We focus too much on the two-party system in this country, which has allowed  the campaigns of both Trump and  Bernie Sanders to be successful. Trump and Sanders are both outside the box politically, the former completely and the later only ideologically. The two-party system beenfits them because it congrate svotes in one place. A more diverse political atmosphere would allow for true democracy and change.

Sanders, the career politician with outside views, needed the institution to spread his views. Trump is using the institution to throw a wrench into out political system. Both candidates are great examples of how American politics is changing, yet Trump is using his campaign to make it harder for politicians like Sanders to succeed. A multi-party system would allow for a greater American political landscape.



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