Do Americans care about Soccer? 

The American sporting landscape is changing. Football, even though still highly popular, has come under fire for being to violent and to detrimental to players’ health. Baseball has been declining in popularity amongst young kids, most likely for being too slow. Basketball has maintained its popularity, but has not surpassed football. The question comes when I ll Americans start caring about soccer and the MLS , Major League Soccer, the American league of global football.

Frank Deford of NPR notes that American interest in the global game has peaked, but Americans cannot seem to watch MLS:

For just about every other nation, soccer is thesport—a far, far better thing than the American dollar, beer, Google or sex. Alas, in the United States, soccer has been more commonly identified with soccer moms than soccer players.

The American sports fan loves sports. A fan will watch almost anything — hello PBA bowling. As Deford mentions, the World Cup does get great ratings every four years. However, Americans are used to the best professional sports leagues in the world. This means more Americans are going to watch European leagues over MLS.

MLS has a chance to grow and has been steadily increasing in popularity. At 20 years old the leaugue has expanded, even adding teams in Canada. MLS success relies on keeping home grown talent and growing the game in schools. Maybe ones at MLS will be compared to La Liga, but if that day comes it will not be for a long time.



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