Duke Wins, Wisconsin Coach doesn’t like ‘renting’ players, and the NCAA making money 

Duke won the 2015 NCAA men’s basketball tournament Tuesday night defeating Wisconsin 68-63. After the game, Bo Ryan, Wisconsin’s coach, basically blamed the referees and then went on to so he doesn’t want to ‘rent players’ to win a championship. After all that, the question still remains as to why does the NCAA not allow athletes to make money while playing in school?

The NCAA makes around 96 percent of it’s revenue from the men’s tournament each year. Coaches making millions complain about the officials. Something does not add up. College athletics is great, it allows athletes to come to schools and perform at a high level both academically and athleticaly… well at least athleticaly.

Men’s basketball and football players are not ‘student-athletes’ they are athlete-students. They play a game for a university and get subsidized in an education many of them will not use. 

The system needs to change. When a billion dollar event only financially benefits organizations and not the participants there is a problem. College sports are great, but are not financially sound at the moment.



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