White Man Tells Former St. Louis Cardinal to ‘Go back to Ferguson’ 

curt ford
Curt Ford watches his sixth inning hit, Thursday, Oct. 23, 1987 in St. Louis, against the Minnesota Twins. The Cards won a 4-2 victory to go one game up in the World Series. Ford’s hit scored two runs and he collected an extra base on a throw. (AP Photo/Rob Kozloff)

Former St. Louis Cardinal Curt Ford was allegedly punched and told to ‘Go back to Ferguson’ by a white man at a gas station. Ford, an African American, is considering leaving St. Louis after the incident.

“I’ve had enough of St. Louis,” Ford, 54, told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “You hear about this kind of stuff happening, and I always knew it existed because of my previous experience working here in St. Louis, but you try to keep away from it and there is just no way you can do that unless you stay inside like a hermit.”

Racial tensions have been high in Missouri since the controversial death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri in August. Curt Ford’s case shows the continued lack of respect  blacks in this country get. An athlete who represented the area to the best of his ability should not be subjected to physical or verbal abuse because of the color of his skin. Nobody should be subjected to racial discrimination in any form.

The racial tensions in this country at this time are just an example of what we need to do to move forward. As a people, we need to move forward.


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