Syracuse Scorned

College basketball is a very unusual animal. It is a variant of basketball where gameplay is unusually different from other versions. Yet, the  world of college basketball is most unusually divided into haves and have nots. Syracuse University is one of those haves.

The Syracuse Orange men’s basketball program has been blessed with a great basketball mind for 40 years. Jim Boeheim took a bad team and made it into a nationally respected program but with recent sanctions, Boeheim has fallen from grace. 

It is hard to write this as a Syracuse alum, but there needs to be a change at the the he. Hell, Boeheim didn’t even show up for a postgame press conference after the final game of the 2014-2015 season, a loss against NC State. Coach Boeheim has been a leader for four decades and has never shied away from such situations before. It is time for Orang fans to lick their wounds and wonder if leadership is to blame for these sanctions, even if some are not very justified (a 108 win vacation is a little weird).

Boeheim will coach until he drops, but his reputation will never fully recover. Orange Nation, we are at a crossroads.



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